Foundation Certificate in Marketing Communications


Having used the marketing mix to determine the type of strategy being used to tailor your communications to your audience, you must now decide what actions need to be taken to ensure it is met. Try to think about the following questions: (Corporate Skills by Sheraz Alvi, 2018)


  •     Who is responsible for what task?
  •     When does each task needs to be completed?
  •     What resources do you have available to support?
  •     How will you measure the performance of each task?
  •     How will you record performance?


An integral part of successfully implementing any strategy is the ability to plan and monitor effectively. By doing so you are able to ensure that each component in the strategy is delivered in a timely manner.


Below we have listed a number of online resources that might prove useful in monitoring your tasks.



This tool will allow you to easily plan and manage projects, as well as assign individual tasks to team members. 


Trello is an online collaboration tool. Users can input their tasks on ‘boards’ that clearly identify what is being worked on, by whom it is being done and the progress of tasks.


Marketing automation platform that enables you to store up to 2000 contacts. You can send campaigns or create workflow communications to your audience with ease. The platform is also able to connect with website development platforms such as WordPress, streamlining your communications process. 


Manage multiple social media accounts using this platform. Easily schedule and manage content and engagement with your online audience.


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