Foundation Certificate in Marketing Communications

Who is the course designed for?

The PBS Foundation Certificate in Marketing Communications course is designed for entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to launch new products or services online or improve existing strategy for current offerings. It is also designed to equip students with the required skills to start a career in marketing. This course has been developed by academics and industry professionals, combining years of theoretical and practical knowledge. It serves to provide greater insight into the fast-growing world of marketing communications and will focus on core marketing models and theories.


This course uses PR Smith’s SOSTAC marketing model to determine whether a business idea is viable or whether further research and development is required. Students will gain insight into modern marketing practices using real life examples from existing entrepreneurs and companies as well as hypothetical scenarios. 


You will be required to complete various tasks that contribute to the development of a detailed analysis of your business environment and a marketing communications strategy. Upon successful completion of these tasks, you will have devised a marketing communications plan which will be submitted to Pryce Business Services as one written assignment. All assignments will be marked by qualified tutors.


To achieve certification,  a grade of 40% or above must be achieved. Successful students will have explored various channels of communication and developed strategic marketing and analytical skills that are currently in demand from employers in various sectors.

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