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Generating Leads With Blooper Videos

Hey Everyone!

Thought I’d give you some insight into this Facebook Ad I ran recently, and what I learned in doing so.

So, this ad was set up for lead generation services for website development, using a pretty straight forward funnel. I used a unique concept which I have never tried before, using the bloopers of the original video to draw viewers in. I wanted to show my personality more in my ads. Afterall, that is how I close sales. People trust in me and want to work with my character, my brand.

Was this Ad a success?

Yes, I would definitely say so. However, not in the way I had hoped. In the first 24 hours it generated 4 leads. As the video was targeted locally it had a lot of organic engagement from local entrepreneurs and business owners who already know who I am. For this reason the video was appealing to them. I generated these 4 leads, each worth between £150 to £380, on around £15 ad spend. My aim was for my target audience to fill in the attached form but instead I found myself being contacted directly by phone or in person.

What did I learn?

In future, I will target this type of ad at those who have already visited my website or Facebook Business page. It will work best for current audiences who already have a relationship with me online. These ads will be used to reinforce my brand and encourage repeat business.


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